Wear strip and rollers for rotating floors

Rotating floors are subjected to enormous stress due to the massive loads they bear, whereby the ring beam is particularly under stress. Our latest development at Rauscher Engineering can improve the running characterisics of rotating floors and increase reliability.

Rauscher Engineering’s latest patent offers the following advantages for the reliable and failure-free operation of rotating floors:
  • The new geometry of the wear strip and rollers counteract the radial pressure outwards, minimizing ring beam roll-off and increasing operational reliability.
  • Optimal anchorage of the wear strip on the ring beams means that the wear strip steel screws can no longer break off and damage is therefore prevented.
System drawing of rotating floor ring-beam patent

When modernising rotating floors, the existing wear strip can simply be replaced by the newly developed one. The ring beams are extended by means of the new anchorage and can continue in use; they do not need to be dismantled. In most cases, the rollers can be dismantled and reworked.